Barley Saturday

Held in Cardigan Town the Saturday after Lampeter Stallion Show.
From the Show programme;
"The show began as far back as 1871. By 1877 there are records of hundreds of horses parading around Pensarnau Pool (now Victoria Gardens). When the pool was filled in in 1877 the Show was held in nearby streets. It was a celebration of the end of the spring sowing season, barley being the last cereal to be sown after wheat and oats. It had a two-fold role as a half-yearly hiring fiar of farm staff and as an opportunity for the owners of stallions at stud to display their animals.Bookings would be taken and arrangements made for the chosen stud to meet the mares on regular tours of the adjoining countryside. The Show was disbanded during the war years and re-established in 1961"
Below are some pictures from a previous Barley Saturday

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