How to Deal with Sweet Itch

17th February 2011
Benzyl Benzoate available from Equine pharmacy (HYPERDRUG) 3 x 1 Ltre Bottles cost just under £47. No prescription and super fast delivery!

This is Tynybryn Sara, she suffers from SWEET ITCH, since in the August of her second year she was stung on her neck, she of course rubbed the area and removed a chunk of mane. Into that autumn she carried on rubbing including her tail top, and of course looked horrific! The following Spring I got her in Fly rugs early on and tried various expensive, equestrian products, all to no avail! the rugs would get shredded and last about two weeks and even when they stayed in place she had managed to remove most of her mane and had bald patches on her face! So by 2008, having considered selling her to someone who didn't, like me, live by a River with all the accompanying Midges, thought back to the old days and thought  of BENZYL BENZOATE. To cut a long story short the results, when used as described below were remarkable and Sweet Itch is no longer a problem and apart from the not unpleasant perfume you would never know Sara was affected! If you too have this problem then read on.............
The product you need to buy is Benzyl Benzoate, you can get it from most Chemists, it does NOT need a Prescription and should cost you about £6 for a 500ml (about a pint) Bottle. Benzyl Benzoate guards against the culicoides midge that causes sweet itch. If used as preventative measure in early spring prior to the symptoms becoming evident, the condition can not take hold. Apply liberally as directed below to provides instant protection against midges.
If your horse or pony has any open sores I would put some healing cream on them first, then apply the Benzyl Benzoate liberally through the forelock, mane and tail (top and ends) Shoulders and over the rump, also over the tummy and inside the tops of legs around the face and under the throat. Obviously avoid eyes and genitalia.
There are contra indications on the bottle, and these are very rare, the only reaction I've ever seen in over 20 years of use is a bit of scurf in the mane of a cob initially, which is a small price to pay for itch free and full manes and tails!
My Sara is now fly rug free. I put it on twice a week, maybe extra time if we have heavy rain. I'm sure you and your horse will get great relief! I am always interested to hear how you get on, and if I can be of any further assistance just ask, or if you have any problems obtaining it I am now getting mine from Chemists Direct on line, but they do limit you to 6 bottles and unless you get other things to take the order up to £40 they charge carriage, but its still worth it and always good to have plenty so you know you wont run out!!
It is in very short supply and very hard to find at the moment, I'm afraid I dont have a stash only enough for my own but the GOOD NEWS is that the reason for the shortage is a problem obtaining an ingredient but this will be resolved and Benzyl Benzoate will be available again hopefully soon If you run out the nearest thing to use is probably 'Killitch' as Benzyl Benzoate is the main ingredient, unfortunately it is stupidly expensive by comparison! Good luck!
MESSAGE RECENTLY RECEIVED"Hi, for those having probs getting hold of Benzyl(chemist direct have now discontinued product as unable to source) Equine pharmacy (hyperdrug) sell 1 litre bottles £12.99 I finally got some and after just one application the itching had stopped for my shettie. "

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